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Bostonia Center
(619) 441-1670
1049 Bostonia St.
Center hours: M-F 2:00-9:30 PM
Center Supervisor: Tracey Best

This facility is located in the Bostonia community adjacent to the Bostonia Elementary School and Greenfield Middle School. A two acre park adjoins the center complete with a playfield and playground. The center offers a gymnasium, game room, meeting and activity rooms.

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Image of Bostonia Center
Image of Fletcher Pool

Fletcher Hills Center
(619) 441-1672
2345 Center Place
Center hours: M,W,TH,F 2:30-6:00 PM

Center Supervisor: Adam Tronerud

Located in Fletcher Hills adjacent to Fletcher Hills Elementary School, this center is home to the Recreation Department's Aquatics Program. The shallow pool is perfect for the popular Learn to Swim Program offered each summer. The center also boasts the largest game room. A meeting room, crafts room and small playing court are also available.

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Hillside Center
(619) 441-1674
840 Buena Terrace
Center hours: M-Th 3-6PM,
FRI 3:00-9:30 PM
Center Supervisor: Glenice Stainbrook

Hillside Center is located just off Fletcher Parkway on Buena Terrace. Kids come to take assorted classes taught by enthusiastic, caring instructors. Various organizations utilize the center's meeting rooms, which can be rented on a space-available, reservation basis.

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Image of Hillside Park

Image of Kids playing in Kennedy Park


baseball field
Photo of Skatepark



Kennedy Center
(619) 441-1676
1675 East Madison Ave.
Center hours: M-F 2:00PM-9:30PM,
SAT 12-4 PM
Center Supervisor: Dan Duffy

Kennedy Center is located on a 10 acre site next door to the three schools: Granite Hills High School, Montgomery Middle School and Madison Elementary School. This park offers shade trees and lighted ball field, a playfield and extensive sidewalks for walking or jogging and tennis courts at the adjacent school. The center has a gymnasium, game room, meeting and activity rooms. Kennedy Center also serves as headquarters for Adult Sports Program.

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Kennedy Skatepark
(619) 441-1676
1675 East Madison Ave.
Hours: M-F 4:00PM-9:00PM,
SAT 12-9 PM
SUN 1-7 PM
Hours are subject to change

Kennedy Skatepark is approximately 11,000 Square feet of concrete bowls, ramps, grinds, jumps and "street" features which caters to skateboarders and in-line skaters exclusively. The supervised skatepark is for skaters 7 years of age and older. A signed waiver must be approved and on file prior to skating. Parents must sign for all skaters under 18 years old. $5.00 fee for new and replacement ID cards. Helmet, elbow and knee pads are required at all times. (wrist guards recommended).

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Renette Park Community Center
(619) 441-1678
935 South Emerald St.
Center hours: M-F 2:00-9:30 PM,
SAT 12-4PM
Center Supervisor: Teresa Suzanne Walker

Located at the corner of Renette and Emerald Streets, Renette Center and Park offer many amenities in one location: A playground, picnic tables, playfields, a lighted outdoor basketball court plus the community center. A gymnasium, game room, and activity rooms are available, as well as two meeting rooms. The park also houses the Instructional Division Offices and Dance Studio.

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Image of Kids throwing Frisbee
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