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Update On El Cajon
Redevelopment Agency Activities

As required by State Legislation, signed by Governor Brown on 6/28/11, the El Cajon Redevelopment Agency (RDA) was dissolved as of February 1, 2012. While the Agency no longer exists, the Successor Agency (City of El Cajon) has assumed responsibility for administering enforceable obligations of the RDA, completing existing projects, and ultimately to wind down RDA operations over time.
  • Successor Agencies
    On January 10, 2012, the City Council affirmed its intent to become the successor agency to the El Cajon Redevelopment Agency. The Successor Agency will manage existing enforceable obligations and the disposition of agency assets, subject to approval of an appointed oversight board.

    On January 24th, the El Cajon Redevelopment Agency adopted the resolutions to transfer the housing assets and functions to the El Cajon Housing Authority.

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Telephone: (619) 441-1710

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