Patrons enjoy outside dining at downtown restaurantAs part of the Project Assistance Center, Planning collaborates with Building and Fire Safety, Housing and Engineering. Planning helps you determine the zone of your property, allowable uses and/or development potential utilizing the Zoning Code, General Plan and any other applicable plans. Planning reviews projects for consistency with all applicable regulations to ensure conformance.

There are various planning permit processes and reviews levels that require decisions at different levels including: staff, Community Development Director, Planning Commission, and City Council.  Each permit has its associated fees and timelines.

Planning works on designing the city's future by conducting analysis, studies and applying for grants to fund necessary city improvements at a local, state and regional level.

The City of El Cajon is seeking proposals from qualified environmental consulting firms to prepare a Program Environmental Impact Report for the Housing Element Rezoning Program. Proposals are due October 19, 2015.

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS - City of El Cajon Housing Element Rezoning EIRRFP
RFP Addendum 1 Pre-proposal Conference

A - Housing Rezoning Opportunity Map
B - Scope of Work
C - Professional Services Contract
D - City Insurance Requirements
E - Evaluation Criteria Form


Contact Information
By Phone: 619-441-1742 
Email:  Planning Department

By walk-in City Hall, 200 Civic Center Way, 3rd Floor, Monday through Thursday, 7:30 to 5:30 p.m. and every other Friday, 8 to 5 p.m.